Alexander the great – Social Game Illustration

Alexander the Great

Usage : Social Gmane Illustration
Time : 25h ( 07/2022 )
Tool : Clip Studio Paint
※I can selivery in PSD
Theme : Alexander the Great

Originally prepared for Alexander the Great’s birthday.
It is intended for use in social games like FGO.
A total of 4 version were created for the evolution.
This work corresponds to the third evolution and is the image design of the great hero king we imagine.

The design is based on sculptures and patintings.

←King of Macedonia, Lord of Asia, Dhul-Qarnayn

The background is based on the origin of Dhul-Qarnayn = Alexander the Great in the Alexandrian Romance.
According to one tradition, the origin of Dhul-Qarnayn is that of those who have reached the ends of the west and the east, and in this work, the “ends” are represented by the sea.

Once the standing picture work is complete, the final step is to merge and fine-tune the images.
In addition, since the light source is behind in this case, the shadows were adjusted after integration.

Maban 07/2022

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