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Raytrek illustration contest

Usage : charecter key visual
Time   : 20h
Tool    : Clip Studio Paint
            ☆I can delivery in PSD
Theme: light fairy
Contest summary

The design is based on the motif of Fate, the origin of the word fairy.
The illustrations are intended for use as concept art and key visuals for the characters.

Laugh design
Laugh design 2

The Greek culture penetrated Rome during the Wars of Expansion in the 2nd century B.C., and the three goddesses of the Parkas were created to witness births and determine the destiny of people.

Eventually, during the reign of Augustus, the first Roman emperor, the three goddesses of the Parkas were re-created as the Fata, and the belief in the Fata spread throughout the empire, mixing (or merging) with indigenous beliefs.

Traditionally, fairies are not necessarily good, and are sometimes spoken of as awe-inspiring beings.

The story of ancient Rome, with its spectacular history, carnage, glory, and soon-to-be-fall, is woven into the mix.


According to the Roman historian, Uaereius Maximus, a triumphal return to Rome could be achieved by burying 5,000 to 6,000 enemies in a single war.
In other words, if you rightfully defeated that many “enemies,” you became a hero.
Naturally, the values then and now are different, so I don’t think that’s evil.


He says, “Heroes are just killers, right? You are only justifying it with plausible reasons” or “I hope you don’t hold me responsible for your decline and fall! You people are the ones who couldn’t sustain prosperity because of greed.

Tour Box Elite illust contest

Usage : package design
Time   : 20h
Tool    : Clip Studio Paint
            ☆I can delivery in PSD
Theme: tour box elite
Contest Summary

I proposed an ivory white and classic black package design.


Based on the concept of TourBox as a “smooth creative experience,” a “stand your ground” design, and a “product that is as wonderful as if it were a body in one piece,” we designed the product with the image of a maid who is like a comrade-in-arms who helps the creator.
I personally like TourBox’s logo design because of its sophistication, so I was considering using TourBox’s logo for the “TourBox” part.

Character image

She is a girl who dresses casually and somewhat sci-fi, but appears to be serious at heart.

She is a handsome maid who can do everything a-na-ta, everyone loves, Cntl+Z, Cntl+-.”

In addition to package design, we can also design promotional characters for your company.

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