Yongzheng Emperor promotion art

Promotion art

Usage : promotion art cosmetic
Time   : 18h
Tool    : Clip Studio Paint
            ☆I can delivery in PSD
Theme: be yourself

If the great man were in the now ?! This is the project that we designed.
The yongzheng Emperor is envisioned as a Vtuber or idle game character.
The catchphrases are ‘The Emperor with a taste for cross-dressing’ and ‘

Well, I am Emperor (cool voice) ’.

The above two media use 3D models and have a lot merchandise development, so we prepared a simple 3-sided drawing

In addition, Vtuber are collaborating on products these days, and illustrator are beginning to collaborate with cosmetics more and more, so I created this work with cosmetic advertising in mind. 


It was published later in March.
SMIRAL エス編集部『季刊エス Vol.77』(徳間書店、2022)

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